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'There's a train coming to town' which brings a once in a lifetime opportunity for appropriate development. Urban Community Partnership, a grassroots multi-disciplinary non-profit, believes that transforming our approach to development is key to assuring financially resilient municipalities while promoting a healthier quality of life and reduced environmental impacts. We support developments that will create financially strong communities that are uniquely livable places to live, play and work in.


  • Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 07:00 AM · 2 rsvps
    4th Street & College in Santa Rosa, CA

    Parklet at Midtown 4th

    Midtown 4th YIMBYs are planning a Pop-up Parklet to celebrate Bike to Work Day.  Come and join the conversation about transportation planning and biking for this stretch of town that is home to many local businesses and some of Downtown's best restaurants such as Bird in the Bottle, Superburger, Brunos, Midtown Café and the soon to open City Garden.  The plan is in development and open for additional contributions from the community (you).  You can get a sense of what we are up to by watching this video.  We hope you come by.


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