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YIMBY groups (Yes In My Back Yard i.e. community engagement)

By developing more compact, walkable communities, we can improve our health, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and strengthen our economy.

MidTown4th Santa Rosa

  • View the MidTown4th YIMBY booklet!  
  • Ongoing meetings at City Garden Donuts focused on Santa Rosa Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Updates

RailRoad Square Santa Rosa

  • Specific Plan update coming up!  

Town of Fulton

  • Community design charrette held last Feb 2018 at Fulton Crossing 
  • Mark West Citizen Advisory Council check County Website for upcoming meetings

Petaluma Urban Chat Upcoming Events


  • Know Before You Grow - Wednesdays TBD 7:00 pm Petaluma Regional Library.
  • Petaluma Boulevard South Road Diet Group next meeting Thursday, January 17 at 11:45 Aqus Cafe.

Do you want to form a YIMBY group in your community?  let us know! 

What do you think of the ideas for creating financially resilient communities explained in this video?

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