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Urban Community Partnership, in partnership with Urban 3, has been working with the City of Santa Rosa and the Town of Windsor to undertake several case study projects to understand the impacts of land use and planning decisions have on creating resilient communities. The case study sites include two located in the downtown Santa Rosa station area plan, one in downtown Windsor and one in the Shiloh Road area of Windsor. Different scenarios were analyzed to help understand the property tax implications of different development intensities. We are happy to announce the release a Story Map which explains the results of the case study sites. The Story Map can be reviewed here.

The Financial Analysis and Modeling Project 

In addition to one-time development impact fees, cities collect recurring property and sales taxes annually. Urban3 is a firm specializing in property and retail tax analysis and community design. They will study the financial implication of such taxes, focusing on the areas around the SMART Station Area Plans. 


Joe Minicozzi from Urban3 speaks in Santa Rosa, January 2016


Chuck Mahron, from StrongTowns speaks in Santa Rosa, January 2016


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