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By developing more compact, walkable communities, we can improve our health, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and strengthen our economy.

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YIMBY update (Yes In My Back Yard i.e. community engagement)

UCP worked with the following partners to successfully support the DeTurk Winery Village Project, a Mixed-Use Transit Oriented, 165 rental unit project in Santa Rosa’s Rail Road Square.

Thank you to the Neighbors, and following Organizations:

West End Neighborhood YIMBYs

Sonoma County Transportation and Land Use Coalition

Sonoma County Alliance Housing Taskforce

Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce

Greenbelt Alliance

NorBAR (North Bay Association of Realtors)

Friends of SMART

American Institute of Architects Redwood Empire 

What do you think of the ideas for creating financially resilient communities explained in this video?

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Minimum disability access

We are continuing to add more and more housing that excludes people with mobility limitations--an ever-growing segment of our community. Basic and minimal accessibility standards will create inordinate good. The concept of "visitability" recommends that there be one zero-step entrance, doors with 32 inches of clear passage space, and one bathroom on the main floor you can get into in a wheelchair. As the baby boomers age access will become increasingly important. We should incorporate these standards in all of our residential building. Some of the urgency of incorporating "visitability" is that California and Federal regulations have minimal impact on housing unlike commerce. More can be found at

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